Terraco offers a comprehensive of quality surface preparation materials specifically designed and formulated for use on all types of construction substrates prior to decoration.

Terraco’s pre-decor range consists of some of the Group’s biggest and most well-known brands:




Ready-mixed and dry-mixed (polymer modified cementitious) spray applied plasters – plaster faster!

A superlative range of trowel or spray applied thin coat, cementitious, skimming products.



Levellers & Fillers

Market leading acrylic ready-mixed putties, jointing compounds, skimming and surface preparation products.



Concrete Repair

High quality concrete repair products.

Self levelling floor screed compounds.




A comprehensive range of carefully formulated primers to ensure correct surface treatment and to complement the different Terraco product ranges to ensure best performance and durability.



Commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, government complexes, commuter and transport facilities, medical facilities, education establishments, high-rise condominiums as well as private residential homes across the globe have been using Terraco products to successfully complete and prepare the structure before it is either painted or coated.

Please contact your Terraco representative for further technical assistance.