Construction Products

Terraco aims to offer a comprehensive range of construction products to cater to a variety of construction needs and requirements. These products are designed to provide solutions and are engineered to provide high performance with excellent value.

Terraco’s construction materials consist of the following popular ranges:


Tile Adhesives

An extensive range of polymer-modified cementitious based and ready-mix acrylic based adhesives for bonding various types of tiles and natural stone to floors and walls, for internal and external use. European Standard EN 12004/12002 compliant products.


Tile Grouting Compounds

High quality grouts including a full range of European Standard EN 13888 compliant products.



A versatile range of cement based systems, water repellents, and additives to waterproof mortars and other cementitious materials.

A range of elastomeric and acrylic based liquid applied systems for roofs.


Exterior Insulation

Adhesives in the Terraco EIFS system.


Design Mortars

A dry-mix light weight block mortar for use with ALC Blocks.


Bonding Agents

A range of add mixtures, for cementitious materials, and bonding agents, to pre-treat substrates as an adhesion promoting agent for decorative top coats and other products.


Epoxy Floor Coatings

Suitable for use on suitably prepared concrete floors in a variety of demanding applications.


Acrylic Floor Coatings

Water based floor paint suitable for car parks and industrial use.


Other Floor Coatings

Terraco also produces Flexicoat Sports Flooring Systems - for tennis courts, basketball courts, walking, running and cycling tracks - and Addagrip Resin Surface Systems - for landscaping projects. See Systems Page more information relating to these floor coatings.

Over the years, these tried and tested products have become the builder’s ‘friend’ and are renowned for their durability, superior quality and economic benefits, the Terraco range of Construction Products adds value to all.


Please contact your Terraco representative for further technical assistance.