Spray applied plasters have been widely used in Europe since the 1960's and is today one of the main forms of plastering used in modern building systems.

Terraco with its Sprayplaster systems is a market leader in spray-applied surface preparation compounds.

Terraco Sprayplaster is the ideal solution for large fast-track projects or indeed for any other project - where cost, time and quality are paramount! Specified by architects, used by builders!

Terraco offers two main types of renders:


Sprayplaster is a range of ready-mixed and polymer modified cementitious, spray applied plasters. Sprayplaster has been applied on millions of square metres of walls and ceilings around the globe every year. These are long-life products with guaranteed performance.

Designed for thin coat application, Sprayplaster significantly reduce the deadweight of buildings - 10mm of Sprayplaster will weigh approximately 18 kg/m² while a traditional plaster, applied at the typical minimum thickness of 15mm, will weigh approximately 33 kg/m². A weight reduction of 45%!


Terraco's revolutionary Sprayplaster system provides customers with a host of long-term savings in comparison to traditional plastering techniques.

Substantial cost & time savings Flexibility Reduced cracking
Weight reduction Reduced curing time Perfect adhesion
Highest quality Ease of application Spray & manual application


The system is suitable for both precast and conventional buildings, all types of concrete surfaces, aerated light-weight concrete elements and blocks, sand cement render, fair-faced and concrete block soffits and more. When used as a ceiling system it is traditionally applied as a skim coat not as a plaster.

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Terramix is a range of cementitious trowel or spray applied plasters. Formulated for plastering and repair of exterior and interior surfaces of cast in-situ concrete, lightweight concrete, fair-faced dense concrete, blockwork and brickwork. It provides a hard, smooth, water resistant finish which is suitable for painting and wall papering.

Terramix is both hydraulically and organically bound, guaranteeing excellent adhesion to the substrate. It is also ideally suited for application as a basecoat in the Terraco Sprayplaster system.

Available in three grades: Standard, Fine and Coarse - in two colours, grey and white.

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