Concrete Repair

This range of performance dry-mix products is developed for use in a wide range of applications and provides excellent long term durability and value.

Terraroc™Concrete repair products

Designed to repair and reface concrete, these shrinkage-compensated concrete repair compounds are produced to the strictest quality standards ensuring uncompromising performance in the most demanding applications.



Terraroc MC High performance, shrinkage compensated, micro-concrete for partial or total replacement of deteriorated concrete.
Terraroc MBR Medium build, shrinkage compensated, repair mortar for application in layers up to 50mm on vertical surfaces and 30mm in overhead situations.
Terraroc HBR High build, shrinkage compensated, repair mortar with fibre reinforcement for concrete repairs up to 80mm on vertical surfaces and 40mm in overhead situations.
Terraroc PMR High strength, shrinkage compensated, structural repair mortar for repairing all types of concrete up to 50mm on vertical surfaces and 30mm on overhead situations.
Terraroc FC A finish coat rendering compound to reface concrete after repair, used as the final coat in the Terraco concrete repair system but can also be used independently as a thin coat render on concrete up to 3mm.
Terraroc NS100 A general purpose cementitious non-shrink grout designed for narrow void grouting, flow screeds and anchoring of a wide variety of fixings.
Terraroc FMR High strength, shrinkage compensated, structural repair mortar with fibre reinforcement, suitable for repairs up to 75mm on vertical surfaces and 50mm on overhead situations.


Terrascreed™ - Self-levelling floor screeds

High performance, self-levelling floor compound used to level concrete floors and screeds prior to application of final finishes, such as carpeting, tiles, wood flooring or other flooring systems.



  • A quick-setting polymer modified cementitious compound
  • Excellent adhesion and strength properties
  • Versatile - ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
  • Ideal for new floors and renovation work
  • Advantageous to use in conjunction with under-floor heating increasing heat transfer by ±30%
  • Optimum drying speed allowing foot traffic within as little as 24 hours


Terrascreed GP 100 General purpose grade
Terrascreed HB 100 High build grade for higher thickness application
Terrascreed HS 100 High strength grade for more demanding conditions

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