Decorative Coatings

Terraco’s range of quality decorative finishing products is distinguished by its environmentally friendly approach to high quality. Under the renowned brand name Terracoat™ Textured Coatings, these coatings provide architects, designers and consultants with a comprehensive range of decorative finishing options and design solutions.

Terracoat™ allows for an infinite variation in tone, texture, colour and effect – leading the global trend towards sophisticated, natural looking low profile to high build textured coatings.

In many instances these coatings are used in conjunction with Terraco’s Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). The high build protective coating offers protection to the system and improves the thermal efficiency and general performance of Terraco EIFS. Read more on Terraco EIFS.

These products are either trowel, spatula, roller or spray applied to create specific textures. To meet different performance criteria they are available in three performance options:

Terracoat™ Formulated using acrylic resins.  
Terracoat™ Sil Formulated using silicone resins.
Terracoat™ Flex  
Formulated using elastomeric resins.   


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The Product Range


The durability of the Terracoat™ Acrylic range is derived from the use of high performance acrylic resins, precisely graded fillers and additives for the prevention of fungal and algal growth.

The long-life Terracoat™ Sil range (silicone) is characterised by its outstanding resistance to dirt pick up, and provides excellent vapour permeability allowing the substrate to breathe.

The superior performance of the Terracoat™ Flex range (elastomeric) is seen in the products elastic properties - superior flexibility, easily bridges substrate movement and minor cracks. Excellent for renovation work.

To improve dirt resistance while maintaining original texture profile a clear top coat can be also be used – Terracoat™ Topcoat or Kode 10™.

Terraco also produces a highly flexible pure acrylic based exterior coating with excellent performance in extreme climatic conditions, Flexitex™ EWC.  The coating has superb flexibility and is capable of bridging shrinkage cracks in concrete mortars.

Millions of square metres of Terraco’s exterior coatings are applied each year. Tried and tested, and continually evaluated, these coatings provide exceptional long-term value, with unparalleled weathering and ageing characteristics. These products offer significant protection to any substrate they are applied on and will outlive a conventional paint system. They are typically designed to last in excess of 10 years.

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.


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