Mineral Based Coatings

Terraco offers a broad range of polymer modified mineral based coatings which come in a variety of aesthetic finishes and colours.

Known as Terol™ Mineral Based Coatings, this product range offers unmatched finishing solutions and designs ranging from the traditional heritage feel to the modern-day contemporary look. Depending on the mineral render at hand they come in a variety of colours or in white to be overcoated with Terracoat™ Stain.

Within this range is a new revolutionary product which can be applied in adverse weather conditions. Terol™ Ultra, can be applied during the day at low temperatures without having to worry about wash-outs and nigh-time sub-zero temperatures. It can be applied at very low temperatures (4°C to 6°C) and high humidity conditions. As the product has a controlled setting time to ensure early rain resistance, it is able to avoid problems associated with wash-out.

Terol™ is a superior quality, decorative, economical Tyrolean rendering primarily designed for long-life protection of exterior facades. To satisfy a variety of architectural requirements, an extensive range of finishes are available.

These products can also be used as the finishing coat on Terraco EIFS. Read more on Terraco EIFS.


The Product Range




These uniquely aesthetic coatings and renders are designed to perform in the long run and can even replicate the natural weathering effect of ancient plaster. Ideally suited for use on private residences, themed hotels and resorts, as well as modern day office blocks, condominiums and more.

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.


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