Terraco continues its proud tradition of producing a wide range of versatile and eco-friendly specialised waterproofing products for various applications – above, below and at ground level application.

Under the renowned brand names of Weathercoat™ and Flexicoat™, this waterproofing product range provides consultants, builders and DIY enthusiasts with solutions that meet everyday waterproofing requirements.


The Product Range

Cementitious Based Systems
An advanced range of 2-component cementitious acrylic waterproof coatings designed to cover all positive pressure masonry and concrete waterproofing requirements - Weathercoat™ GP, 412, 423, 431.

A polymer enhanced 1-component cementitious waterproof coating designed for easy application - Weathercoat™ 111.

A unique negative pressure crystallisation waterproofer for capillary waterproofing - Weathercoat™ 241.

A rapid setting water-stop plug mortar for repairing running water leakages in masonry and concrete - Pluggit™ 311


Liquid Applied Systems
A range of liquid elastomeric coatings designed for roof waterproofing applications - Flexicoat™, Flexicoat Thermo™, Maxi Roof Coating.

A water based silicone siloxane water repellent for masonry – Silcoat WB.


In fine powder form used to waterproof mortar and other cementitious materials as well as act as a waterproofing compound - Terraproof™.

For more information relating to specific information on where and how to use these products, please download the Terraco Waterproofing Systems Specification Manual in the product information area on this page.

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee. Terraco waterproofing - proven performance.


Please contact your Terraco representative further assistance.