Design Mortars

This product group consists of a range of dry-mix performance mortars developed for use as light weight block mortars and decorative brick mortars, which provide excellent long term value and durability.



Blockfix™ is a specially developed thin joint and repair mortar used with ALC blocks. These thin-application products are produced to provide reliable adhesion while helping to minimise thermal bridging and other problems commonly associated with traditional mortars. It is available in two colours, grey and white. A cementitious specially formulated thin joint and repair mortar used with ALC blocks. This ensures that the joint width is kept to a minimum hence eliminating the cause of thermal bridging associated with traditional mortars.



Colourmix™ is a range of decorative masonry mortar used for laying clay bricks to create a coloured masonry joint. Terraco Colourmix is designed for both interior and exterior structures such as facades, partition walls and fireplaces, etc. It is available in a range of ten standard colours. Colourmix is available in 4 grades for clay bricks of varying water absorption.

Terraco mortars and renders are used all over the world – and can be relied on to perform in the most demanding situations.


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