Research & Development

A leader in the formulating, design and production of environmentally friendly finishing materials, Terraco prides itself on providing innovative, green solutions to the construction industry. Since its founding in 1980, Terraco uses carefully selected raw materials and production techniques, resulting in products that promote health, ensure comfort, improve energy efficiency and provides a sophisticated finish.


Continuous Innovation

Terraco is committed to an extensive Research & Development program; focused on finding environmentally friendly, high quality solutions for the construction industry. The development work is spearheaded by the Terraco Technical Centre in Ireland, which coordinates the efforts of all technical personnel within Terraco and ensures that we continue to be a leading innovator and a supplier of choice.

Terraco's in-house development team actively cooperates with multiple technology partners and suppliers, conducting joint research projects in common interest areas.


Commitment to Quality

Terraco ensures that the products meet all relevant local and international standards. The products are certified after the most rigorous tests by international testing institutes. The Technical Centre implements strictly monitored and enforced quality control procedures at all production facilities ensuring homogenous, high quality products.

Terraco companies follow strict, certified, quality control and environmental management procedures. Terraco factories have obtained ISO 9001 certification and in some instances are ISO 14001 environmental management certified. Our products are developed and formulated to meet ASTM, BS and EN standards amongst others.


We know our sources

Terraco's products are only made using raw materials that meets our rigorous vetting procedures. All raw materials are screened and tested before use.